Meet The Photographer 

Hi everyone and thanks for stopping by!

I am Svetlana Larina, originally a native of Moscow, Russia, now based in Kuopio, Lakeland, Finland. I am a commercial food photographer, recipe developer, blogger and berries lovers. I do love to catch the reflexes, to make soft shadows, to be a light artist in the full sense of the word. Some details of the process I post in my blog time to time.

My Studio

I own photo studio fully equiped with studio flashes, light modificators and some other strange things like shiny cardboard for cake and tweezers. I have a good collection of photo props, surfaces and backgrounds, you see all these things in my projects.

Additionally to that I take part in photo projects at the customer ‘s location.

How To Buy

Some of my photos are on sale by the following photo agencies:


Work With Me

Feel free to contact me in your very personal project. I work on behalf of a European entity.
Let’s do something interesting together!