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Hi everyone and thanks for stopping by!

I am Svetlana Larina, originally a native of Moscow, Russia, now based in Kuopio, Lakeland, Finland. I work as a freelance commercial photographer specialising in landscape and still life subjects with a strong focus on the concept.

I had a master’s degree of applied mathematician from Moscow Higher School of Economics. So I’ve been practicing a lot in database modeling for a long time. Later the focus of my interests shifted towards web programming, and through it to photography and typography. Continuing the theme of web development, I constantly think about photography, coming up with new photo stories.

I’ll never say no to an interesting photo trip. And in general I never leave the house without a camera in my bag. I take pictures every day without exceptions. In practice this has resulted in a 365 photo challenge that I have been running since 2015.

I’m sure that photography is a miracle that can change the world not only with the help of a screensaver. So I have a rich experience in the field of albums, calendars and posters. It’s a big stress for me every time I print a new photo book. But also a great joy too when I understand that everything is in order.

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