Travel Photobook: Let’s Leaf Through!

bind of photobook

Photobook Story

This photobook is about a long family journey of parents, two children, four bikes and one trailer house. The journey began near the cool Baltic Sea. Imagine the endless sandy beaches, salty air, wind and sea sunset. This journey continued through ferry and rainy Germany, and ended on the windy Atlantic coast. Have you ever seen the Atlantic coast in the colored sails of boats? And tall pine trees with huge cones? Have you ever ridden bicycles along the coast and no matter what it’s hot now? If not you definitely need to go there!

Photobook Technical

The size of this photo book is 25×25 cm and it is ideal for family photo albums.
FlexBind binding means that the book is easily opened by 180 degrees. Furthermore FB Satin pages paper is 212 micrometers thick, cover with matted lamination. Honestly I like the result up to date although this is not typical for me at all. As a rule I cease to like the result of my work already two hours after its end. Perfectionism is a terrible thing.

But stop talking and let’s leaf through!