Cookie Advent Calendar: Kurabiye Cookies

The most difficult thing in this recipe is translation the cookie’s name from Russian into English. Hope that I’ve made it successfully.

All ingredients, including egg white, should be at room temperature. The dough is kneaded with a mixer and a spoon.


Cookie Advent Calendar, DAY 12


100 g butter at room temperature (important!)
40 g sugar powder
1 egg white at room temperature (important!)
1 tsp vanilla extract
130 g flour

1 tbsp thick jam


1. Preheat oven into 190 °C.
2. Beat soft butter with a mixer until white, add powdered sugar and beat again until the mass becomes lush, smooth and light.

3. Add egg white it to the main mass, add vanilla extract and beat everything well again.

First, the egg white will be cut off and the mass will become grainy. Ignore and continue beating until the mass is smooth.

4. Sift flour into the dough and mix it thoroughly with a mixer. Don’t beat too long.

5. Transfer the dough to a piping bag fitted with a large flower tip.

Cut off the corner of the bag. Please note: the dough is quite thick, so cut off the bag’s corner exactly to the size of the tip, otherwise the dough will squeeze the tip out.

6. On a baking sheet lined with baking paper, squeeze out 3-4 cm cookies from a piping bag.

This is done as follows: holding the bag vertically, almost touching the parchment, squeeze out a “coin”, then slightly press the tip into the middle (this will make a small indentation in each cookie) and lift the bag in a circular motion.

Place the cookies at a medium distance of 3 cm from each other: the kurabiye will spread in the oven.

8. Put the jam in a small piping bag and knead with your hands until smooth.

Cut off the tip of the bag by 3-4 mm.
9. Put some jam into the indentation of each cookie.

10. Bake the cookies for 9-10 minutes and take them out when edges of the cookies are just starting to turn golden.
11. Let cookies cool completely, then transfer to a tin.

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