Chocolate vegan tart with berries

After the quarantine:
– Satu will visit to us and the children will smash the whole house again;
– will invite my neighbors to visit and we will sit on the veranda and eat something fiery from the grill. We will drink, perhaps, red.
– will go to visit Lucas and we will speak a magnificent mixture of four languages.
– will go to a music store and buy a new set of strings for a guitar
– make a new haircut
– will sit on the summer terrace first Albatrossi, and then Kaneli. Or vice versa, I haven’t decided yet.

– sign up for a dance school near the conservatory harbor;
– I’m going to Savonlinna to listen to Verdi;
– I will go to the jazz festival in Pori. This year it was canceled, but it will be next.
– I will go to Norway. Miss a lot.
– Ira will come.
– I’ll bake a chocolate cake, as in the photo, and will invite Alice to visit. We will make strong coffee and we will talk for a long time.

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