Chocolate Vegan Tart

I am, you know, a very sluggish vegetarian.

I do not demand unanimity from my family.
I hate soy goulash and wary of tofu.
Until the last moment I was indifferent to vegetarian and vegan desserts.

This is due to an unsuccessful experience with a vegan tart in one of Moscow’s coffee houses: the chief there was too smart with cashews and instead of a lush creamy mass, my spoon rested on a flat, inexpressive pancake, besides a strange color of dirty milk.

But this chocolate tart with blue- and  blackberry is something exceptional.

If you, like me, do not like the obsession with the smell of coconut in baking, feel free to take coconut oil in its refined version. This reduces the usefulness rating of the dish, but food is not only in favor, is it?

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