Panforte Nero

Panforte Nero. Gingerbread, rich chocolate candy, Christmas sweet – any of these names is appropriate. Panforte burst into my life unexpectedly and definitely forever, which is surprising for not the biggest chocolate lover.

panforte nero

For my taste, candied orange can be skipped, otherwise it’s a wonderful recipe, which is doubly wonderful in that panforte could be prepared in advance and stored just in a cupboard. Take the panforte out of the cupboard at the right time, sprinkle cocoa – and you can go make coffee. Necessarily coffee, panforte is not about tea or supposably glögg.

The bad thing is that for cooking panforte it would be nice to have an immersion culinary thermometer. But even without it, everything will work out, I promise.

panforte nero receipe
panforte nero reseipe

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