Shrovetide cake: modern but classic

Shrovetide cake

Do you like constructors? Many different parts from which you can assemble different objects every time? I like a lot. So I regularly play them in my kitchen. This Shrovetide cake is a good example of it.

My constructor details for today are two berry layers surrounded by cream frosting, chiffon biscuit and laskiaispulla aka semla bun with the same cream and berry confiture. One more way to celebrate scandinavian Shrovetide, totally recognizably but in a new fresh way.

berry confiture

Such type of cakes seems difficult to prepare however it’s not quite right. It’ better to day that it’s not right at all. The secret to making life easier is to stretch the cake cooking over several days. By the way, the taste of the cake will only benefit from it.

My scenario for the Shrovetide cake is like this:

  • Day 1: prepare berry layers. They need to be frozen so you can cook it even in a week. It takes just a few minutes.
  • Day 2: In addition, bake chiffon biscuit and make berry confiture with same berries. Yes, we need gustatory rhyme!
  • Day 3: assemble the cake and bake buns. After that decorate the cake with buns and frosting.

If today is Wednesday it means that your cake could be ready on Friday evening.

Shrovetide cake with buns
piece of Shrovetide cake
Shovetide cake

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