Rutabaga casserole at Christmas time

Rutabaga casserole (lanttulaatikko in Finnish) is Finnish traditional Christmas food. At first time I tasted it just a year ago in a restaurant during Christmas party and was nicely surprised how it was unwaitable delicious. Now it is your turn.
Usually rutabaga casserole means like appetizer or hot dish but ...
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cake in mug

Cake in mug

My oven has broken and this cupcake in a mug is the last thing I had bake before the upper heating element has said goodbye. And this is so handy!
There is a magnificent autumn weather now in Northern Savo, the classic golden fall (have a look at carousel). Finnish language has ...
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bird's milk cake

Bird’s Milk Cake: agar-based version

The Bird's Milk cake is very popular and loved in Russia. Its story started with polish sweets 'ptasie mleczko' which began to be produced in 1936 in Warsaw. However, in the form of a cake, this dessert appeared in 1978 in Moscow thanks to V. Guralnick, the pastry chef of ...
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Cauliflower sauce for everything

I understand if you have never eaten fresh cauliflower. But I won't understand if you won't taste this cauliflower sauce.

It's great with any type of vegetables, fresh, boiled and baked. This cauliflower sauce is perfect as is. I didn't remember the situation when I should throw away the leftover sauce: ...
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Viennese waffles for breakfast

What are the hallmarks of a perfect breakfast? For me this list is quite short.
  • Useful.
  • Tasty.
  • Satisfying.
  • Fast.
  • Beautifully served. Even if you, like me, do not know how to make beautiful ice cream balls.
  • Warm. Sometimes it's optional (today it's +33 °C in Kuopio and warm breakfast is a controversial issue) but ...
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Homemade pasta: yellow, green and others

Yes, homemade pasta takes some time.

How it could be improved? By bread maker machine, by dough mixer, by pasta maker and by your family enthusiasts. I use Marcato Atlas 150 and am totally satisfied. Marcato has many accessories for different types of pasta. My favourite one is fettuccine. And ...
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