Chocolate vegan tart with berries

After the quarantine:
- Satu will visit to us and the children will smash the whole house again;
- will invite my neighbors to visit and we will sit on the veranda and eat something fiery from the grill. We will drink, perhaps, red.
- will go to visit Lucas and we will ...
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chocolate vegan tart

Chocolate Vegan Tart

I am, you know, a very sluggish vegetarian. I do not demand unanimity from my family.
I hate soy goulash and wary of tofu.
Until the last moment I was indifferent to vegetarian and vegan desserts. This is due to an unsuccessful experience with a vegan tart in one of Moscow's coffee ...
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Finnish buns laskiaispulla

Each Finnish holiday is accompanied by a special dessert - and I, who don’t even go to dance, but stay at home to bake something new, is immensely happy. On Runeberg’s birthday everyone eats Runeberg cake with raspberry jam and icing, on Easter - mämmi and chocolate eggs (I will ...
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salmon sandwitches with cucumber


The best thing that can happen to red fish such as trout or salmon, is gravlax. And the best proportion for this recipe is following.

Notabene. Don’t even try to simplify whiskey to vodka or something worse. This ingredient with its aroma and strength is too important to be neglected ...
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panforte nero

Panforte Nero

Panforte Nero. Gingerbread, rich chocolate candy, Christmas sweet - any of these names is appropriate. Panforte burst into my life unexpectedly and definitely forever, which is surprising for not the biggest chocolate lover. For my taste, candied orange can be skipped, otherwise it’s a wonderful recipe, which is doubly wonderful ...
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table coffee setting with cheesecake and lemon curd

Cheesecake with Lemon Curd

Every person’s life comes when he mercilessly breaks with his past.

Person starts watching movies in the original version, taking pictures in manual mode, listening to live music, whipping the yolk with olive oil, baking cheesecake cookies on his own and doing a lot of other things takes more time, ...
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