banana cake photo

Banana Cake With Fresh Pistachios

Actually, I don’t really like banana baking. For my taste it is too sweet and obsessively aromatic. But it turned out the situation is easily corrected with just a handful of fresh pistachios. However, pistachios can be salty, brackishness will give an extra charm to the cake. Banana cake with ...
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Apple Galette With Goat Cheese

I always like to mix spple and cheese. At first it was just slices of fresh apple and small hard cheese cuts. Taste it, it is really savoury especially if you play with several kinds of cheese. My next meeting with couple apple+cheese took place in CoffeeBean, a nice cafe ...
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mushrooms photos in kuopio

Photography’s weekend: handmade backdrop

What's you weekend? Slept, ate buns, went to a cinema?

My weekend passed with plywood, acrylic paints, putty in 'cotton white' color and synthetic brushes No. 7 and No. 11. A little dusty, a little bit dirty, there were no any buns, but a collection of stone photo backdrops in my ...
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Madeleine cookies

Today I have a cyan box full of madeleine cookies. The hardest part of this cookie is to find a shell shape dish, everything else will work out by itself. Madeleine cookiesNo, I'm not going to quote Marcel Proust Ingredients 100 g melted butter
150 g flour
100 g sugar ...
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What is the most important thing in brownie? High quality chocolate and texture.
Chocolate should be as dark as you like, the texture should be sticky: brownies are not a cupcake, but also not a chocolate paste. Therefore, strictly follow the proportions given, pay attention to the volume of the form, ...
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