joitain vivahteita, joita asiakkaat eivät yleensä kysy, mutta jotka ovat kuitenkin mainitsemisen arvoisia

A deposit for Svetlana Larina Photography of 30% of the cost of photography, determined as a result of negotiations, is due at the time of booking your session. This guarantees the time and date allotted for you and that your photo shoot is fully prepared. Should payment not be received in this time frame, Svetlana Larina Photography reserves the right to offer the date and time to another client.

Svetlana Larina Photography must have a 2-week notice from the scheduled session, if you wish to cancel. If it less than 2 weeks notice, Svetlana Larina Photography can reschedule your session, but client wouldn’t be able to get minimum booking fee back.

There is a 5 euros/km travel fee for photo sessions located 10 km outside or more to Saaristokaupunki, Kuopio.

Svetlana Larina Photography is not responsible for the appearance of the client and other persons participating in the photograph.

Delivery of finished photographs is carried out by sending the Client a link to an authorized cloud storage. Photos are sent in JPEG format.

Svetlana Larina Photography reserves the right to use the photos and/or prints for display, publication, or other purposes. Originals remain the property of Svetlana Larina Photography. If you want complete privacy, it will increase the cost of photography, determined as a result of negotiations, by 50%.

If you refuse the results of the photo shooting, please inform Svetlana Larina Photography about it asap and before downloading your photos. If you haven’t downloaded them yet, you can request your money back and the process return will start. No money return possible if photos have been downloaded by the client.

In general the deposit is not refundable.

Cost of revoking permission to use photographs: double the cost of the entire photo shoot.

Usein kysytyt kysymykset

including uncomfortable issues that nevertheless need to be discussed before cooperation begins

I have a large portfolio published on my website. Study it, understand what style I film in and how I edit photographs.

Read about me.

Look how I work – I regularly publish BTS and not only this information on my Instagram blog.

If you like the result and want to photo shoot something similar for yourself, then it’s time to contact with the photographer herself 🙂

The algorithm for working with me is very simple and transparent.


  1. You contact me and describe your project orally or in the form of a written statement of work.
  2. I give you my vision and how I can help you.
  3. If we shake hands, the shooting planning stage begins. You make a deposit and we book the filming day.
  4. I am preparing for your shoot: I select a moodboard, draw up a step-by-step technical specification, select props, location, clothes, etc. – everything necessary for the shoot. Coordinating all the details with you.
  5. Photo shooting day.
  6. I send you photo previews so you can select pictures for editing. At the same time, I send you processing options so you can choose the style that suits you. Some clients skip this stage, trusting me and my experience. This speeds up the result.
  7. Photos are being processed.
  8. You pay the remaining amount.
  9. You receive in your email a link to a password-protected archive with your photos and instructions on how to download the archive.

Of course I can. Just contact me for discussing your idea.

First of al contact me to discuss your project. After that we will book the day and time of your filming.

I can speak English, Finnish and Russian. To communicate in a multilingual environment, I usually use English.

As for software, I use almost the entire Adobe package in my work (Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrator, Premier Pro, After Effect, InDesign etc.) and some extra products such as Corel DRAW or Pinnacle Studio.

More about my professional skills and style you can read here.

Through an authorized file hosting service. The photos will come to you in the form of a password-protected archive accompanied by detailed instruction how to use it.

Certainly! Before the editing/retouching stage, I will send you small previews for your photo selection.

But remember that this is not a mandatory stage, so if you want to trust me in this matter, I will select photos with full responsibility.

This entire package of documents brings clarity to the interaction between the photographer and the client.

So the traditional set is followed:

  1. Permission to photograph from the model or from the guardians of the minor model.
  2. Permission to film from the property owner if filming is being done on private property.
  3.  Permission to use photographs in the photographer’s portfolio and social networks.
  4. In certain situations, I additionally draw up an agreement with the technical specifications.

Yes I do. A deposit for Svetlana Larina Photography of 30% of the cost of photography.

In a normal situation, no, due to copyright. But the situation of transferring copyrights can be freely discussed before filming begins.

You don’t have to be a professional model. It is enough that I am a professional photographer, so I will help you with posing and not only that.

Yes, in a case of mentioned me as a photographer exactly, not as an editor. Editing is as important a part of photographic production as photo  shooting. I select the best editing solutions for every filming I undertake and am responsible for my styling decisions. Therefore, any changes to the final edit must be noted by the client. 

For example: 
Camera: Svetlana Larina.
Editing: Mary Jane.

Your devices are uncalibrated. Minor distortions that occur when printing photographs and when reproducing photographs on uncalibrated screens (changes in color rendering, contrast, saturation, brightness, sharpness) are not considered defects.

In some situations this is possible, read the Policy below for more details. The deposit is not refundable in general.