The given prices should be considered as indicative, which can be changed during the negotiation process.

The prices and service packages shown are to be regarded as indicative only. Prices and list of services can be adjusted during negotiations. Contact me and we will discuss your project in detail.

Studio portrait

from 210 euros without VAT

Portrait in nature

320 euros without VAT

What to do if I am not a model and photoshooting worries me?
Read it and probably I can dispel your doubts.

Photo walk

420 euros without VAT

Product photoshooting

150 euros without VAT

Look at my images of products as an example.

In a case of unacceptable session results when Client refuses the session results the Сlient pays a fee of 100 euros.

Notice, that copyright for all photos belongs to Svetlana Larina Photography. 
Photo can be used in Svetlana Larina Photography’s portfolio. Both of these items can be changed for an additional fee based on the results of negotiations.