Portrait Project for UEF

Headshot project for The University of Eastern Finland in Kuopio. 

Brand Photography

Art Photography: Midsummer

Not just a common portrait.
A story.  A personal story of season and clothes, mood and skills.

Personal brand project, private photo shoot with publishing rights.

Studio Projects

Studio photo projects on various topics such as Dare To Be Yourself and so on.

Personal Brand

To be involved into personal brand improving is always exciting and responsible. You, as a photographer, walk too close to the person and his or her character.

Exciting and responsible. And very interesting.

Private photo shoot with publishing rights.


Art Photography: Apple Season

Red fragrant apples in a basket and thick apple trees, apple pie and dried apple fruits.

Own seasonal project.

Baby Portrait

Some portraits for the small girl who was born in October. Maked in studio and on location.

Private photo shoot with publishing rights.

Christmas Card

One of the very special and memorable photography project for me.
In collaboration with VB Photographic Center (Kuopio, Finland) me and my collegues from Ingmanedu created photos in photo atelier mode.

The photo studio was created for just two days right on the territory of VB Photographic Center, the former house of Victor Barsokevitch, perhaps the most famouse Finnish photographer of the early 20th century. Impromptu photo studio should be produced the photos in the original Barsokevitch’s style, which could be uses as a Christmas greeting card.

The residentes of the city have become atelier’s clients.

Art Photography: Fencing Day in Tahko

The project was implemented in cooperation with Kuopion Miekkailijat Ry.

Weekdays in UEF

Street Life

Street life: what clothes people wear, how they smile, what they eat and drink, what they do on Monday in Helsinki and during weekend in Milan.

Own street photography project.

For a deeper dive please follow IG: @svetlanalarina_photography


Art Photography: Sourdough Focaccia