Lazy Dumpling

In the life of every immigrant (I moved to Finland about 2 years ago), the moment inevitably comes when he but more often she starts looking for cottage cheese. Not… Read More »Lazy Dumpling


My family recipe of the very very thin pancakes. It’s a very popular breakfast in my home in cold season although cooking takes a lot time. Every member of the… Read More »Pancakes

Chocolate Bundt Cake

Of course you may bake the cake during spring, summer and fall seasons. But the bests time for it is deep autumn and Christmas days.
Moist, chocolatey, with a well-defined structure. Good on its own, but berries, chocolate ganache or cocoa nibs are never superfluous. Definitely taste it.

waffles with honey and berries

Juhannus waffles

Great receipe for mid-summer season, in Finnish ‘Juhannus’. You can eat it with salmon glavlax and cream cheese, with maple syrup or ice cream.  Buttermilk is an indispensable ingredient.

olive and herbs for focaccia


How to understand that you’ve finally moved to another city? In this city you start to bake bread. At first, these were quite timid attempts aimed at a guaranteed result:… Read More »Kukkafocaccia