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Photography is the only way to display objects and its features and to describe how it works, what it makes in the case when you can’t touch the object. In this situation, photos are your hands, your ears and your eyes at the same time.


If you are an owner of the web shop you know what I’m talking about: a buyer tests the object by his or her senses. If you are a blogger it’s impossible to improve your web project without high quality photos and even photo stories. Take a menu in the cafe next to you! Photos will be the first you look at. Actually the good photos let you to feel dish’s taste and smell it.

Photos are evevywhere.


Are you going to print your photos on T-shirts or caps? On canva bags or cup? To make menu for your cafe or an album dedicated the school life? This is one more field in using photos. And obviously I don’t  know the best life for photos.

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