Svetlana Larina

Hi, I’m Sveta.

Warmly welcome everyone and thanks for stopping by!

I am Svetlana Larina, originally a native of Moscow, Russia, now based in Kuopio, Lakeland, Finland where I moved about four years ago. It’s a great experience, the story is still grow up and I’m happy to be involved into it!

I am a professional mathematics, IT engineer, photographer and berries enthusiast with 9-years vegetarian experience.

A couple of years ago I decided that it’s not enough. Nowadays deeply diving I study photography and media content in Kuopio. 

My Studio

I own photo studio fully equiped with natural and artificial light, light modificators and some other strange things like shiny cardboard for cake and tweezers. I do love to catch the reflexes, to make soft or hard shadows, to be a light artist in the full sense of the word.

Being a cooking addicted person I’ve equiped my kitchen appliances from oven to pasta machine and BBQ at the backyard of my house. I can cook everything and take photos before the dish has cooled or faded.

marcato atlas 150
My collection of photo props, surfaces and backdrops is pretty good and you can see how it works throught my photos.
photo props: textile
photo props: knifes, forks, spoons
photo props

Some of props I make with my own hands, sometimes real treasures come across to me in secondhand stores.

However I constantly replenish the set.

Additionally to that I take part in photo projects at the client’s location: my equipment lets me to have such kind of photo trips.

Work With Me

Feel free to contact me in your very personal project, I speak Russian, English and Finnish.

Let’s do something interesting together!