Crust pie dough: detailed recipe

It all started with the Limburgse vlaai, a special crust pie in the original on yeast dough which I bought in Moscow in a shortcrust pastry version and which I tried to repeat at home.

I don’t remember how many test pies I’ve baked before it in seaching of perfect crust pie dough. Because what do we need from the crust pie?

  • It must be made from the special dough which could be frozen – and this stage just improves it.
  • The gentle dough which could be cut in very different styles (including very small details and ornaments) and moved on top of pie intactly. Such kind of pies are usually full of wonderful details and cutting elements. That’s why the transfer of decorated dough should be neat.
  • The special crust pie dough smooth both before and after baking without my rather good Photoshop skills. Yep, I know how to do it but this is not a pastry style at all.
  • The special dough which doesn’t have offcuts att all: the whole small trims could be mix once more for next pattern or even pie project. There are too many offcuts there to not reuse them.
  • Soft and tender dough after baking. Because of a lot of volume details on the top of the pie.

It seems like I’ve found my ideal. Soft, gentle – all properties are present. I do love the result and have baked already three crust pies.
Detailed recipe has attached.

Source: Pie World

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