Milchmädchen, Dairy Girl Cake

Dairy Girl cake is one of my new favourite. Tender thanks to 14 layers with well known ice cream flavor. Number '14' sounds boring, but a good news is that baking only takes 20 minutes. Today I'm presenting Easter version of the cake. You can test both regular condensed and ...
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Whipped semolina porridge with berries

It could be better if you would taste this dish before reading the recipe. But there is no such driver in computer yet. So let's imagine at first.
Almost dessert but could be a breakfast too. Refreshing. Vegan.
Not too sweet, soft and fluffy, a lot of berries (I personally prefer cowberry ...
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making sourdough starter

Sourdough starter

Bread is flour and water.

I'm always impressed how it is simple and genious at the same time. So I invite you to share this delight with me. But first some words about ingredient quality and so on. Flour Sourdough starter can be both wheat and rye.
I use a whole ...
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Cinnamon Buns aka korvapuusti

The best recipe of Finnish cinnamon buns korvapuusti is here.

I found the recipe about five or six years ago, the recipe was simply printed on a yellow paper bag of flour by Sunnuntai (it means 'Sunday' in Finnish). It was quite funny because at that period I didn't speak ...
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Rutabaga casserole at Christmas time

Rutabaga casserole (lanttulaatikko in Finnish) is Finnish traditional Christmas food. At first time I tasted it just a year ago in a restaurant during Christmas party and was nicely surprised how it was unwaitable delicious. Now it is your turn.
Usually rutabaga casserole means like appetizer or hot dish but ...
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cake in mug

Cake in mug

My oven has broken and this cupcake in a mug is the last thing I had bake before the upper heating element has said goodbye. And this is so handy!
There is a magnificent autumn weather now in Northern Savo, the classic golden fall (have a look at carousel). Finnish language has ...
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