Sourdough focaccia

Let's congratulate Chris by baking sourdough focaccia!

Who is Chris? This is my leaven, I started it, as ensue on the label, one year ago. Chris is my third version (firsts were Albert and Benedict) of starter which has become effective and easy in using, i.e feeding and baking. This ...
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Sourdough Brioche based on Levito Madre

I was looking for the good recipe for my new born Levito Madre. Something not quite difficult, something which works well for morning baking as a complement to family breakfast (yes, I like to bake early in the morning).

Idea was born from nowhere: brioche!
I realized that for some reason ...
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Home made quark

Let's make quark at home!

It is good to eat it by itself with some natural yogurt/smetana/kermavilli, it could be a great base for dough, which turns into a bundt cake or a lot of cookies. You will be surprised but quark is a very interesting dressing for morning porridge. I ...
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Milchmädchen, Dairy Girl Cake

Dairy Girl cake is one of my new favourite. Tender thanks to 14 layers with well known ice cream flavor. Number '14' sounds boring, but a good news is that baking only takes 20 minutes. Today I'm presenting Easter version of the cake. You can test both regular condensed and ...
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Whipped semolina porridge with berries

It could be better if you would taste this dish before reading the recipe. But there is no such driver in computer yet. So let's imagine at first.
Almost dessert but could be a breakfast too. Refreshing. Vegan.
Not too sweet, soft and fluffy, a lot of berries (I personally prefer cowberry ...
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making sourdough starter

Sourdough starter

Bread is flour and water.

I'm always impressed how it is simple and genious at the same time. So I invite you to share this delight with me. But first some words about ingredient quality and so on. Flour Sourdough starter can be both wheat and rye.
I use a whole ...
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