Photography’s weekend: handmade backdrop

mushrooms photos in kuopio

What’s you weekend? Slept, ate buns, went to a cinema?

My weekend passed with plywood, acrylic paints, putty in ‘cotton white’ color and synthetic brushes No. 7 and No. 11. A little dusty, a little bit dirty, there were no any buns, but a collection of stone photo backdrops in my photo studio became two more copies.

The first one is beige with a sharp relief and creamy color, the other side is dark with whitish tan, almost smooth, thanks to  triangular trowel.

The second back is more elegant. A beige undergrowth, along which a hurricane of graphite acrylic and a delicate sack-rattle with a brush with white acrylic walked (it looks definitely more beautiful than I describe it).

photography backdrops kuopio finland

The second side is smooth and malachite.

Both ones have two working sides and two functions – surface and backdrop.

Tried the both as a surface.


I am totally satisfied.


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