Finnish buns laskiaispulla

Each Finnish holiday is accompanied by a special dessert – and I, who don’t even go to dance, but stay at home to bake something new, is immensely happy.

On Runeberg’s birthday everyone eats Runeberg cake with raspberry jam and icing, on Easter – mämmi and chocolate eggs (I will show it in April), on the Labor Day – brushwood, summer – time for berry pies, for ‘korvapuusti’ and Karelian pies, fortunately, no calendar reason is needed, for Christmas it’s customary to bake a puff pastry with plum filling and gingerbread, and on the Shrovetide – buns with almond paste and whipped cream.

Here they are.

Recipe for buns is from the first issue of Leivotaan magazine for 2020. My comments are followed.

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