Runebergin Torttu aka Runeberg Cake

Making Runebergin torttu aka Runeberg’s Cake is a cozy Finnish tradition in early February — and specially at the 5th of February, at a birthday of Johan Ludvig Runeberg, a national Finnish poet and Finnish anthem author.

According to a popular legend his wife Fredrika Runeberg, novelist and also journalist, created the pastry flavored with almonds and rum for her husband.

Presently many periodicals compete in the ingenious presentation of the cake idea. Actually you don’t need any recipes for it too. Just follow the cake style: brown base, red top and white circle around the red.

It could be a muffine or cheesecake. It could be porridge with cream and berries. I’ve even come across versions with a large cake the size of a baking sheet decorated with berry rings and white icing.

This year I was involved into the game too. Here is my own Runeberg’s cake fantasy too close to modern mousse deserts. Hope you’ll like it.

For this version you will need two silicone molds:  Round Silicone Shot Glass Mold for chocolate biscuit ‘glasses’ and Silikomart Micro Dome for berry confiture. But the result is worth it.

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