Cheesecake with Lemon Curd

Every person’s life comes when he mercilessly breaks with his past.

Person starts watching movies in the original version, taking pictures in manual mode, listening to live music, whipping the yolk with olive oil, baking cheesecake cookies on his own and doing a lot of other things takes more time, gives no guarantees of success, but like nothing else in the century of delegation makes you alive.

table coffee setting with cheesecake and lemon curd

Well, the truth is, it’s so strange to buy cheesecake cookies in a supermarket! Instead of taking advantage of the moment and adding another voice to the symphony of tastes, we go to the supermarket, grab sandwiches of dubious quality in the department with groceries (there are no other cookies in supermarkets), and then we wonder why it tastes bad or something worse.

And all because we are lazy and indifferent.

Let’s not be like that and prepare the basis for the cheesecake on our own. And the other layers too.

P.S. To get a smooth “roof” from a curd or jam, you need to apply them hot on a fully chilled cheesecake. Put away spoons: pour the curd / jam on top of the cheese and in a circular motion of the form we call on the Coriolis force, which will ideally smear the top layer. Show more agility: the “roof” cools quickly.

P.P.S. I really love beautiful cheesecakes, so that they have a neat side, a smooth “roof”, so I devoted some time to working out the technology and finding the perfect dish for baking a cake.

The best dish for cheesecake is silicone ceramic mold.

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