cake in mug

Cake in mug

My oven has broken and this cupcake in a mug is the last thing I had bake before the upper heating element has said goodbye. And this is so handy!There… Read More »Cake in mug

Chocolate Bundt Cake

Of course you may bake the cake during spring, summer and fall seasons. But the bests time for it is deep autumn and Christmas days.
Moist, chocolatey, with a well-defined structure. Good on its own, but berries, chocolate ganache or cocoa nibs are never superfluous. Definitely taste it.

panforte nero

Panforte Nero

Panforte Nero. Gingerbread, rich chocolate candy, Christmas sweet – any of these names is appropriate. Panforte burst into my life unexpectedly and definitely forever, which is surprising for not the… Read More »Panforte Nero